Nite Lite Theatre is delighted to present the first exciting issue of this landmark, new mini-series, now available for online-purchase
via the good folks at ComixPress!

The Kirby Martin Inquest introduces Charles Scott; a man who
has chosen to become the masked vigilante called White Ghost.
This unique tale presents a character of great depth, whose
complex motivations and life experiences are the subject of a
dense first issue. Learn more about the incarcerated killer called
Black Ghost, whilst diving into the mystery of the disappearance
of the titular character, Special Agent Kirby Martin.

What came before is as intriguing as what comes next, and is intimately intertwined with the question of the fate to befall Kirby.

"Mike Haseloff shares a tale that is thick with atmosphere and maintains a nice subtext of tension." - C. Moore, ComicRelated

"It's nice to see a tale that is easily approachable but actually requires some puzzle work..." B. Croonenborghs, Broken Frontier
[Buy it now!] [Read the preview!] Review: The Kirby Martin Inquest
"Do you enjoy a highly stylized, film noir feel to your comic reading? Ever cracked the page of a vintage pulp novel, dug into the story and felt right at home? The Kirby Martin Inquest may have been written just for you."

Following up Broken Frontier's positive remarks is yet another review from an online outlet praising the atmosphere, tempered artwork, and narrative strengths of The Kirby Martin Inquest. Comic Related delves deeper into the twisting tale of Charles Scott, and takes a look at some of the unconventional writing style that makes The Kirby Martin Inquest a unique, pulp-inspired read.  [Click to read review!]
Broken Frontier Review: The Kirby Martin Inquest
"Behind the attractive cover of this self-published mini-comic lies the story of Charles Scott, the White Ghost. Set in the late Forties, he becomes a vigilante to seek out a serial killer who kept eluding the police, dubbed "the Black Ghost." After catching the killer, Charles Scott finds himself unable to stop playing the role of vigilante and hunts down new dangers that threaten his city."

NLT is delighted to have the first issue of KMI reviewed by prominent comics
news and review source, Broken Frontier. Despite some inaccuracies of format
and story specifics, the review is a basic insight into some of the inner workings
of KMI #1. Overall a pleasing and positive response! [Click to read review!]
The Semite: The Spirit of Chernobyl
Nite Lite Theatre is proud to present an exclusive online short story featuring
one of the many adventures of NLT's newest landmark character - The Semite!

Follow this endearing action-adventure set in the 1980's, as the Semite is called
to a priority mission in Europe! Strange events are developing through the
region, and the US Military fear the worst. Luckily the chosen son is on hand to
investigate what is inevitably destined to be far stranger!
Written & Created by Mike Haseloff; Pencilled & Inked by Pedro Cruz!
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Pedro Cruz: Selected Sketches
Pedro Cruz, penciller on the first issue of the exciting Nite Lite Theatre series
The Kirby Martin Inquest
, has released a sketchbook collecting a variety of
works stretching across a decade! If you just couldn't get enough of his gritty
pencils on The Kirby Martin Inquest, then you simply must get to know his work
further through this exciting collection!

Selected Sketches is available independently of Nite Lite Theatre, sold online
via the good folks at Lulu! Be sure to support Pedro, and his endeavors kindly!
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